The Master 35 has been in constant use throughout the World for over twenty five years, longer than any other Petrol Wrench. It has proved to be reliable, efficient, strong, inexpensive to maintain and operator friendly.  

Use our high quality Safety Quick Release Augering Attachments, Auger Bits and Impact Sockets.  

With the new metal adaptor you can use all Geismar Special Sockets (PDF file)- our range of products contains these articles, we also supply all spare parts for the Impact Wrench Master 35®.  



Weight: 18.3 kg - low weight  

Torque: 500 -1800 Nm  

length/height/width: 570/270/445 mm  

Exhaust Emission Levels: CO - 213 g/Hph  

Exhaust Emission Levels: HC - 125 g/Hph  


- low noise, low vibration

- low exhaust emission levels

- low fuel consumption

- low maintenance cost


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