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Railway wear parts

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Our carbide coated, highly wear-resistant tamping tools have a significantly longer service life than conventional, weldable tamping tools. 


The slim shape of the tool blade with the innovative tool tip minimizes the resistance to penetration and this increases the service life of the tamping units and tamping tools due to the reduced force. 

The design of the tamping tools and the use of hard metal is constantly being optimized in close cooperation with our customers and manufacturers, this minimizing wear.


RE-TECH tamping tools are Made in Europe! The geographical proximity to our partners enables us to implement customer requests quickly and efficiently.


Our custom-fit wear parts reduce downtimes and your running costs enormously, which results in a very good price-performance ratio. 

Individual replacement plates that are coated with carbide can be easily integrated into the existing system. If wear and tear occurs in places after a few years, only the necessary parts (weld-in part) are replaced.

Due to the significantly longer service life, downtimes in use can be reduced to a minimum.

RE-TECH supplies highly wear-resistant parts for your 

  • Ballast Cleaners

  • Ballast Regulators

  • Mantainance Trains

  • Material disposal and Silo Units

Matisa UZ P90LS Rutschblech

As a supplier to various track construction companies, we successfully deal with the wear of the broom elements on the broom shafts of ballast leveling machines in order to significantly reduce the costs for our customers for material, maintenance and repair work

  • Standard broom elements

  • Broom elements with plug

  • Solid broom elements

  • Complete broom reel

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