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Modern railway traffic with high-speed trains and welded rail sections places high demands on rail cutting devices, such as performance and precision.


The basic prerequisites for an efficient rail cutter are as follows:

- it must be low in weight and easy to transport to the workplace

- it must be quick and easy to work with and produce cuts of high precision


We can offer a specially designed rail cutter:

K1270 Rail (petrol driven)


This machine is designed to be used with the RA10 fixture, for fast and precise cutting.


Specification - K1270 Rail:

Air cooled two cycle engine - 119 cc | 7.8 hp (5.8 kW)

* blade diameter 350 mm | cutting depth 125 mm | 20.5 kg

* blade diameter 400 mm | cutting depth 145 mm | 21.1 kg

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